Высокие стандарты индустрии
«Холодное» хранилище, многокластерная архитектура, полное шифрование данных и защита от DDoS
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Поддержка 24/7
Офис компании размещается во Всемирном торговом центре Гибралтара. Обслуживаем клиентов со всего мира
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I have been impressed by the team’s drive and ambition to meet such a high standard in secure trading
Albert Isola.
Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce
The project features a comprehensive infrastructure and includes several big initiatives
Receipt of a DLT License puts Covesting in a unique and strategically advantageous position within the cryptocurrency markets
As such, engaging in business with a company approved by the GFSC offers clients several guarantees regarding the safety of their funds, and the trustworthiness of the service they are working with.
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