Fee Calculation

We aim to offer an amazing trading experience to all of our customers. In order to ensure the best possible liquidity across all digital assets, COVESTING provides market depth from external cryptocurrency exchanges into its order book. Therefore, all trading fees are comprised from two parts: external liquidity provider fees and COVESTING exchange fees.

Market-maker fees
Market-taker fees

Market-maker fees apply when you add liquidity to COVESTING order book by placing a passive limit order below the mid-spread for buy orders and above the mid-spread for sell orders.

Market-taker fees apply when you execute trades by matching existing orders in the order book.

Liquidity aggregation fees - additional third party exchange fees are already included in these rates. All trading fees will be shown to the user in the order form before placing such an order.

Copy Trading
Entry fee
Platform fee

Entry fee is deducted from the invested amount every time you start following a trader.

Platform fee is deducted from all profits you earned by following a trader at the moment when you unfollow the trader.

18% trader success fee will be charged from all earnings and deducted only in case copy-trading resulted in profit.

Changes in Fees

COVESTING reserves the right to review and change any fees and such changes shall become effective from the moment they are published on the "Fee Schedule" page found at https://covesting.io/fees. Any change to our fee schedule, will be emailed to all registered customers no fewer than three (3) calendar days before changes are to take effect.

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