30-day Volume (in USD)Market-maker feesMarket-taker fees
0.00$ +0.15%0.25%
$500,000 +0.12%0.24%
$1,000,000 +0.10%0.23%
$5,000,000 +0.07%0.22%
$10,000,000 +0.00%0.21%
$20,000,000 +0.00%0.20%

Market-maker fees apply when you add liquidity to COVESTING order book by placing a passive limit order below the mid-spread for buy orders and above the mid-spread for sell orders.

Market-taker fees apply when you execute trades by matching existing orders in the order book.

Liquidity aggregation fees - additional third party exchange fees are already included in these rates. All trading fees will be shown to the user in the order form before placing such an order.

CurrencyWire depositWire withdrawal

Cryptocurrency deposit: Free

Cryptocurrency withdrawal: Withdrawal fees are adjusted according to blockchain conditions and can be seen in withdrawal request window

*Please note that for security reasons, COVESTING maintains limited crypto-currency balances in its on-line hot wallet. In some cases, we will need to manually refund the hot wallet, and/or manually review and approve large transactions, which may take up to 12 hours.

Wire deposits/withdrawals are usually processed within 5 business days.

Changes in Fees

COVESTING reserves the right to review and change any fees and such changes shall become effective from the moment they are published on the "Fee Schedule" page found at Any change to our fee schedule, will be emailed and/or posted in Announcements section no fewer than three (3) calendar days before changes are to take effect.

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