What is (COV) Token?
The COVESTING Token is an ERC20 utility token built on Ethereum blockchain, designed to be used by members within the COVESTING platform. Thus, demand for (COV) correlates with the trading volume and activity on the platform.
COV token is not available in the United States or other jurisdictions where transactions in such ERC-20 tokens/cryptocurrencies as COV is prohibited by law (‘prohibited jurisdictions’). If you are located in, incorporated or otherwise established in, or a resident of the United States of America or any other prohibited jurisdiction, you are not permitted to transact in COV.
COV token utility
Covesting aims to establish partnerships with a number of third-party trading platforms and exchanges to provide a seamless copy-trading experience. Every integration will include COV token utility. COV token will provide multiple incentives such as trading fee discounts as well as additional unique features and benefits. Below you will find the current list of partners, utility details and token burn transactions.
Trading Fee Discount 10%To be defined
Trading Fee Discount 20%To be defined
Trading Fee Discount 50%To be defined
Trading Fee Discount 100%To be defined
Success Fee Increase 10%To be defined
Following Limits IncreaseTo be defined
Token Burn (% From Fees)To be defined
Total Burned: 0.00000 COV
TimeTransaction IDAmount
DD.MM.YYYY 00:00-0.00 COV
DD.MM.YYYY 00:00-0.00 COV
DD.MM.YYYY 00:00-0.00 COV
DD.MM.YYYY 00:00-0.00 COV
DD.MM.YYYY 00:00-0.00 COV
DD.MM.YYYY 00:00-0.00 COV
id="path-2" points="0.00605863192 0.00222149837 51.7003257 0.00222149837 51.7003257 51.7025472 0.00605863192 51.7025472"