What is (COV) Token?
COV is a utility token designed to be used by members within the Covesting ecosystem. All Covesting B2B solutions are scalable and can be easily integrated into third-party platforms. COV tokens are used to receive multiple benefits and discounts, therefore demand for COV correlates with the combined activity on all supported platforms. This page gives an overview of all existing and upcoming utilities of the COV token.
Contract address0xada86b1b313d1d5267e3fc0bb303f0a2b66d0ea7
Total supply20 000 000 COV
Total burnedCOV
Remaining supplyCOV
Lower Fees, Higher returns

The Covesting copy-trading platform allows you to choose among the best performing traders and automatically copy their trading activity.

By holding COV tokens, users reduce their trading fees, and improve their revenue share from all profitable trades.


When locking COV tokens - users are granted Advanced, Premium or Elite membership status to enjoy a wide range of benefits within Covesting products. Alternatively, token holders may stake their COV into DeFi liquidity pools and earn daily interest.

Learn how to earn on Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

Improved Yields

COV token holders will earn higher (up to 2x more!) returns with the new upcoming feature - Covesting Yield Accounts.

Get up to 10% yield* on USDC, USDT, ETH and other coins.

*highest APY achieved to date

Burn Program

Every COV token holder benefits from the token burn program. Covesting aims to allocate part of all earnings to a systematic token burn program.

By systematically ‘burning’ COV, we reduce total supply and support deflationary nature (scarcity) of the token.

COV Burn Transactions
TimeTransaction IDAmount
Covesting ERC-20 / BEP20 bridge transactions fall outside the scope of the DLT license issued by Gibraltar's FSC. Covesting bridge is not a regulated product or service. Use at your own risk.
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