What is (COV) Token?
The COVESTING Token is an ERC20 utility token built on Ethereum blockchain, designed to be used by members within the COVESTING platform. Thus, demand for (COV) correlates with the trading volume and activity on the platform.
Use Cases
Copy-Trading Utility
The COVESTING Token (COV) is the only way investors can follow the professional cryptocurrency traders on the platform
Lower Exchange Fees
Get a 50% discount on trading/exchange fees by paying with (COV) Tokens
Unlock Unique Features
Unlock such features as Algorithmic trading and arbitrage bots with (COV) Token
Rewarding Token Holders

50% of all platform earnings will be allocated to systematic Token Buyback and Burn programs, which should effectively improve the value of COV over time.

Technically speaking, COV Tokens will be consistently purchased on the market and “burned”. “Burning” means that purchased tokens will be locked in the smart contract indefinitely and taken off the market, as a result of which the total supply of COV Tokens will decrease. This form of repayment program sets the best practices for the COV token economy, and simultaneously serves in the best interests of COVESTING token holders.

As the platform develops over time, more investors and traders will actively use COVESTING infrastructure. User growth and activity will automatically create strong demand for COV Tokens, generate commissions and result in more token “burning”.

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