Setting a New Benchmark

Covesting is a unique blend of the innovative spirit and combined 100 years of investing and development experience of its team, which results in creating a truly revolutionary, yet reliable and secure solutions. On the 21st of October 2018, just a day before the company’s first birthday Covesting became one of the first ever companies to be granted a DLT Licence. Read more

Dmitrij Pruglo
CEO & Founder
Dmitrij now has over 12 years of experience dealing in various asset classes: FX, options, futures, equity, commodities, complex OTC structured products and bonds. He has in-depth knowledge of most trading platforms available on the market today and has been involved in the development of several algorithmic trading strategies. After gaining the necessary experience from Saxo Bank, as well as constantly adapting to the latest developments in the fintech and blockchain industries, Dmitrij became the Founder and driving force of the Covesting project
Tim Voronin
COO & Co-Founder
Tim Voronin is an experienced equity and derivatives trader, entrepreneur and early adopter of cryptocurrency. His first engagement with Bitcoin began in 2012 when he first included cryptocurrency in his private portfolio. Tim began his trading career in 2008 as a prop trader at Argo Traders where he was constantly implementing new trading techniques and grew as a professional, trading on LSE and XETRA during one of the most turbulent times in market history.
Dream Team
+25 talented team members, including software developers, IT security specialists, designers, analysts, traders, support professionals, and blockchain experts committed to raising cryptocurrency trading standards.
Transparency. Experience. Passion

Covesting is incorporated in Gibraltar because one of our primary goals is to ensure that we are operating within a regulated environment and ahead of the curve when it comes to following industry's best practices. Covesting is heavily focused on providing a secure, and legally compliant software solutions and we realize how vital it is to establish ourselves in a location in which the industry has support from its government and service providers. Covesting is a fully licensed DLT Services Provider operating under supervision of Gibraltars' FSC.

Distributed Ledger Technology Services Provider License nr. FSC1328B

COVESTING International

Email: [email protected]

Address: 6, Bayside Road, World Trade Center, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

Covesting ERC-20 / BEP20 bridge transactions fall outside the scope of the DLT license issued by Gibraltar's FSC. Covesting bridge is not a regulated product or service. Use at your own risk.
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