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Covesting is a fully licensed DLT services provider and software development company. We build cutting-edge solutions and partner with ambitious companies around the world.

Copy leading traders

New to trading?

Choose among best performing strategies and automatically copy their trading activity to get the same returns!

Experienced trader?

Make additional income by allowing others to copy your trades! Get up to 20% of all profits earned for your followers.

(FX, CFD, Crypto)

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Start Covesting

Stake and earn with Covesting Yield

The Covesting Yield service allows crypto holders to earn interest on their digital assets. We connect you to several decentralized financial (DeFi) yield-generating applications to offer highest possible returns.

We aim to lower the technological barrier and enable anyone to take part in the staking economy.

Building software for tomorrow
Flexible by design
All custom-developed B2B solutions can be white-labeled, licensed or fully owned by the institutional client
Our time-tested systems operate with 99%+ uptime and are highly reliable and scalable
We release hundreds of improvements and upgrades each year to help our partners stay ahead of the industry
COV utility token

COV utility token is the backbone of the Covesting ecosystem, offering unique incentive schemes for a new generation of investors and traders.

Whether it’s a trading discount or improved staking yield — Covesting (COV) token plays an integral role in all our applications.

I have been impressed by the team’s drive and ambition to meet such a high standard in secure trading
Albert Isola.
Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce
The project features a comprehensive infrastructure and includes several big initiatives
Receipt of a DLT License puts Covesting in a unique and strategically advantageous position within the cryptocurrency markets
As such, engaging in business with a company approved by the GFSC offers clients several guarantees regarding the safety of their funds, and the trustworthiness of the service they are working with.
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Covesting ERC-20 / BEP20 bridge transactions fall outside the scope of the DLT license issued by Gibraltar's FSC. Covesting bridge is not a regulated product or service. Use at your own risk.
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